Upcoming For MusicBytes (July 2015)

Upcoming for MusicBytes

(From Nintensified’s mind at least)

Update on myself and balancing MusicBytes

This summer semester ends my Web Development AAS degree. The options are still open as far as my advancing education further. I’m currently enrolled in a Computer Programming AAS program, but may switch to a Web Application Programming certificate to allow me freedom to try and find a job in the field….along with giving far more attention to MusicBytes as well as other projects still in the planning stages. So, in short, I’m very much unsatisfied with the lack of regularity of posts on this site. Also, I am working on and need to get up a privacy policy for all you visitors and users. This essentially will let you know that I am working to protect any information to increase actually comments to posts and future polls (not spam). I promise you, I will make sure the code is implemented and functional before the privacy policy is added so that you can start to build trust that I want your information to be safe because it’s right and because we need more comments going on here. I’ll also be setting up some RSS feeds, contact forms, and looking into other functionality. Many fun things are likely coming and I plan on going “all in” for them too because I want them to represent my skills and experience. If you’re curious on more, please visit my (also evolving) Online Portfolio (E-Portfolio) at BrianWardwell.com.

This is what is on my “to review” list thus far
  • The Chemical Brothers – Further
  • Rise Against – The Black Market
  • Bjork – Volta
  • New Order – Singles
  • Danny Elfman – Alice In Wonderland (Original Score)
  • Danny Elfman – Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Original Score)

Thanks to a friend, I took the idea of browsing through the compact disc rentals at our local library, which has surprisingly gotten better over year…so pay your library fines, kids! 🙂 It goes to new books and other materials. Anyway, this really allows me to start reviewing music I’m not as familiar with. It’s fun to choose artists and albums I love, but I want this to be far less biased on what is reviewed, etc.

More that have been on my mind to write about/review lately
  • Echoes of Creation (check out their video for Interstellar Xenocide directed by Alan Collins.
  • Fear Factory – Mechanize (The first studio album without former members Christian Olde Wolbers and Raymond Herrera.
  • Tool – Lateralus
  • Head – Save Me From Myself
Other Additions:

I’m also looking into some sort of review or analysis of various official concert DVD’s, starting some sort of polls that are music and concert based, enhance the artists list, as well as a page for anyone to (monitored to keep it reasonable) plug your local band or own band for free (limit one plug per artist/band to keep it fair

So, there are many new things coming along now that I have some breathing room to start grinding down the work to get these ideas going. Thank you very much for your patience.

Brian Wardwell (Nintensified)


Brian Wardwell
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