The Music Pavilion Development Underway

Hello Everyone

A Brief Update:

Though I am hoping to also have some additional articles added to Musicbytes itself within the next week or less, I also want to update on progress regarding The Music Pavilion. As earlier explained, The Music Pavilion is to be a complete redevelopment and rebranding for Musicbytes. After some web host hiccups getting the Umbraco CMS installed, I have been working on templating the site during my after hours (after professional development work). It is taking some time, though sometimes that is good. I’m building this site to be very scalable and expandable, thus not requiring another redevelopment hassle and switching Content Management Systems. In short, flexibility is one of my main goals.

However, development and design has gotten far enough along that I feel comfortable sharing a couple possible sneak peaks. These are not truly final as they may change due to not having the time to fully template the site in Photoshop or other software first. So, keep in mind that this may change though feedback is awesome and welcomed.

Stage 1 of Development
Stage 1 of Development

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