Things To Come



I apologize for running behind with many things on MusicBytes that should have been done by now. That not only includes many reviews and features I still plan on working on, but also the revamping of the MusicBytes design itself. It has remained nearly unchanged since the site was founded in January 2014. I am starting to consider other blog platforms as well as continuing with this one as a possibility. I’m mapping out several personal web development projects including my own portfolio at that needs plenty of upgrading.

One of the features and reviews I can’t wait to do is seeing Henry Rollins live this month in Fargo, ND. The short version is that it was an excellent show other than the very rude person who broke his concentration by standing in front of him recording even though he politely asked them to stop. Nevertheless, it was two and a half hours of non-stop intensity and I loved every minute of it. Also, plenty of new (or newer) albums have come out including finally hearing a new album from Kidneythieves as well as new albums from Coal Chamber, Faith No More, Lacuna Coil, Breaking Benjamin, and more.

Rumors have it that 2017 should be a big music release tour including possibilities of new material from Nine Inch Nails and even A Perfect Circle. So, I will do my best to not fall behind so much and at least have weekly postings to update this site while I redesign and decide how I want to upgrade Musicbytes.


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