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The Music Pavilion: October Update

Site development has been coming along very, very well since I abandoned the blog package (into Umbraco) idea. I finished the pagination today (automatically makes “page 2” (and so on) when “x” number of items are in the post list. There is some styling to be done and I’m likely going to add a bottom footer instead of only having the side footer. These are minor things and other than tags, much of the server-side programming is just about there. I have not decided on adding programming for comments yet as Musicbytes has received so few (that aren’t spam anyway). Below are some screenshots of a couple of the pages at this date. The “Reviews” page does show the pagination but there will be 8-10 items per page instead of the very little information you see now.

screenshot of "Artist Features" page on
The Music Pavilion in development: Artist Features page.
screenshot of Music Reviews page on
The Music Pavilion in development: “Reviews” page
screenshot of the "about" page on
The Music Pavilion in development: “About” page

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