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August 22nd, 2017

Development is certainly still underway, although I am restructuring how the sites and features will be organized and cascade down. Due to this, a little changing of plans had to take place. I do have the Music Resources feeding from templates that will then fill the page, so that is fairly exciting and a decent progression. A hurdle is planning the index page of articles, posts, and features again as the design is fairly unconventional, which is why I jumped toward the Umbraco CMS rather than WordPress (not to mention security issues).

A couple sites at work are launching this month and trying to wrap up another web application there. So, I haven’t been working on this project on the weekends like I was hoping to. However, “Winter is Coming.

So, until I can get a proper review for one of the many things on my list to keep updates coming, here’s some music that’s really been running through my head a lot lately. Feel free to share your own as well.

Godsmack – “Something Different” from 1000hp

A long time Godsmack fan of course, though this song title really does live up to its name. It’s more melodic, rock-driven but calmer, and almost reflective. In all honesty, it makes me very curious what the new Godsmack album will sound like as they seemed to hook onto this one pretty strongly.

Finger Eleven – “Thousand Mile Wish” from Finger Eleven (Self-Titled)

This is one of those songs, for myself at least, that you hear again and it ends up (nicely) stuck in your head all day, humming along. It’s written and structured so wonderfully. Very deep and memorable, again for myself at least.

Linkin Park – “Lost in the Echo” from Living Things

From the first listen of “Lost in the Echo”, it’s always strongly effected me emotionally. There is something wonderful about the chord progressions, instrumentation, mixture of tension and melody.

Stone Sour – “Wicked Game” Live Acoustic Version

In light of a lot of the really respectful things Corey Taylor openly talked about following Chester Bennington’s passing, along with his advocacy work and open admission of bipolar disorder, has back on track with Stone Sour again. Even before this, I thought their take on this iconic Chris Isaak classic was brilliantly done. It’s very true to the original and sung with a lot of passion.

Nine Inch Nails – “The Background World” from Add Violence

Installment #2 of the three EP’s to be released from Nine Inch Nails in 2017. Despite a lot of criticism, which is almost inevitable by any musician at some point, NIN continues to evolve, mutate, and change as it always has. The harsh criticism is silly to me because, to me, this song (first half) is a collision of 1999’s “Fragile” and (second half) the “Broken” and “Fixed” (Remixes) EP’s. I strongly believe that no two NIN releases have ever sounded the same. Even the somewhat short time between these two EP’s (Not The Actual Events, Add Violence) and 2013’s return album Hesitation Marks, really highlights a lot of darkness and instability that’s returned to NIN as well. This, of course, is absolutely not to say Hesitation Marks was lacking content and reinvention.

Gary Numan – “My Name Is Ruin” from Savage: Songs From A Broken World” (coming September 15th, 2017)

While respecting his prior works, it was really about 1994’s “Sacrifice” and beyond that really solidified me as a lifelong Gary Numan fan. From this point to current time, he really turned down the darker path that built on his more synth-pop hits in the 1980’s. Savage will be Gary Numan’s 21st! studio album. I’m not even young and that number is wonderfully staggering. “My Name Is Ruin” picks up in a style where 2013’s Splinter may have left off but with a much more spiritual undertone, backing vocals sung by his daughter.

A side note, it probably helps that I’m extremely excited to be seeing Mr. Numan in concert finally in November 28th, at the iconic First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN.

From The Inside: Linkin Park

Live benefit concert on September 1st, 2017 in Nashville, TN for Chester Bennington with proceeds going to stated from their Twitter post.

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