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“…But when we played the rough, four track demos for Trent to ask his opinion, he seemed primarily concerned with the fact Scott didn’t play guitar on it. ‘Listen,’ I explained, ‘we don’t even know if we can work with this guy.  He doesn’t understand the direction we’re going in at all.’  ‘He’s the backbone behind Marilyn Manson,’ Trent warned. ‘Marilyn Manson is known for his guitar style.’ ”

-Marilyn Manson, Neil Strauss. The Long Hard Road Out of Hell. 1998.


Anyone who talks to me, finds out pretty quickly that I am a massive Marilyn Manson fan.  So, I considered myself pretty lucky when I was recently able to pick the brain of the co-founder and “backbone” to Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, Scott Mitchell Putesky—also known as Daisy Berkowitz.

Q: With your upcoming shows, how do you prepare? Any pre-show rituals, has it changed from your first shows?
A:  “Basically, I like to do nothing.  I’ll be a bit bored, a bit tired…maybe do a shot of something or a beer.  Nothing ritualistic or fancy, really.  I certainly don’t want to be bothered.”

Q:What is your view on the music scene today?  Do you think you’d achieve the same level of success if you were just starting out today?
A: “ ‘Music’, generally speaking, is as good or bad as it ever was.  It’s just that more people are more aware of others complaining about it.  Every ‘scene’ (a geographical expression) is different and unique.  I would not pursue a career in music if I were just starting out today.  Nobody pays for music anymore.  How are we supposed to expect to make a living making music when no one pays for it?”

Q:  How did the scene and time frame that you came from mold you, as far as style and where you pull inspiration from?
A:  “The South Florida music scene in the early 1990s only inspired me by what it didn’t have to offer.  No one had a show.  No one had interesting music or songs.  No one had a core artistic concept.  We (Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids) had all three.”

Q:  Have any future plans or goals?  Any new albums, or potential collaborations with any other artists in the works, especially with the whole 90s resurgence?
A:  “I am working on a new album.  I’ll be going by my true name, Scott Mitchell Putesky.  Though being the original guitarist and composer for MM has made the most impact on music, there is a lot more to my musical life.  I am not stuck in the 90s, I don’t want it to seem that way.  I’m planning to work with numerous musicians but I’ll be doing most of the work myself.”

Q: There’s a lot of debate going on over the death of the rock scene.  How do you weigh in on that?
A:  “If someone doesn’t like the musical artists that are popular they complain that the scene is dying…it’s ridiculous and wrong.  No one that complains seems to be able to define what “the scene” is.  Is it local?  National?  A particular style?  The same old thing?  Something new and different?  Music is the communication of artistic expression.  If you can’t express yourself clearly and define what you’re doing, you’re probably not ready to participate in the broader discussion.”

Q: Have any advice for new artists starting out?
A: “ Advice for the new: do what you do for the right reasons.  No one cares how fast you can play, or how successful you are.  They care whether you can move them-make them feel something-take them away from what’s happenings right in front of them.  Be true to yourself.  There is no magic formula for affecting people.  It may happen-it may not happen.”

Q: What do you want people to remember most about you?
A: “I would like to be remembered for my contribution to the subculture.  My music and performance may be a small part of the overall Manson catalog, but it is the work that made us most interesting.  I was there when we got signed and I was there when we first blew people’s minds.”


Scott stays pretty busy.  He actually has a show coming up on July 17, 2015, at the Odditorium in Asheville, North Carolina.  Definitely check the show and support him.

If you can’t catch that show, be sure to check his Facebook page for potential future dates.


Can’t make it to the show?  Support him via his GoFundMe, as he is currently fighting Stage 4 colon cancer.
Carl Eric Porter Photography also has a limited edition Daisy Berkowitz Art Poster and all profit goes to help Scott with medical expenses.

Scott’s music catalog can be located on Soundcloud:  

And finally…stalk his art pages!
Also, Happy Dark Media and Daisy Berkowitz on Facebook

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