Upcoming Changes (Updated 9/22/16)

MusicBytes: Upcoming Changes

Date: 09/22/2016


I originally posted, about a month ago, that I’m working on updating the look of Musicbytes. My first plan of action was to start trying to get the elements, such as the side menu, to work in more harmony with one another. Since my conception of Musicbytes in January 2015, I’ve learned far more programming of course but also so much more about WordPress and writing the back-end PHP, JavaScript, and custom action hooks, custom post types, and so forth. This enables me to have only a basic theme to begin, while completely customizing everything else. Whether it’s building custom plugins, custom post types for different subject areas, and well beyond…rather than working with a theme where I would nearly have to overwrite the whole thing, I will simply start anew again. Many visual elements will remain such as the Musicbytes logo and, of course, the previous posts and content over the last 18 months. Other than boosting more functionality, this will also give me the chance to dig in to get appropriate code and systems in place for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Please Note:
As this will be a large redesign, it will take some time, especially when other jobs still take priority. When I have a general idea, I’ll update this sticky post with such information. I’ll also continue to post under this design until it’s ready to “go live” with the new design.

In the meantime, please enjoy some Leonard Cohen:

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