Las Vegas – Mandalay Bay

Anti-Violence Symbol

#stopthehate #stoptheviolence

Deepest sympathies to all victims: deceased, injured, and horrified/scarred. Music is bringing people together in harmony and for a single unified purpose. As with any of these incidents, this seriously needs to stop NOW. Remember the victims, not the shooter. Don’t be conditioned but take a peaceful, but firm, stand against the violence.

Memories of the shooting in Nenzig, Austria, where two where killed when a gunman opened fire during a nightclub concert. Also, December 8th 2004, when a gunman jumped onstage during a Damageplan concert killing guitarist Dimebag Darrell and three others: Jeff “Mayhem” Thompson, Erin Halk, and a fan Nathan Bray who jumped onstage to help.

Organizations Working Towards Reducing/Ending Violence

Note: Our goal should be, of course, to end violence and all types though these organizations focus on specific types per organization.

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