Deftones – Gore

Deftones Gore
Deftones – Gore (2016)

On April 8th, 2016, Deftones‘ unleashed their 8th studio album since forming in (1988) titled Gore. The pre-released track “Prayers/Triangles” opens up the album. Stephen Carpenter‘s signature melodic, delayed sound opens it up. As it sways from soft to brutal, it strongly reminds me of the arguably experimental White Pony (2000). ”Acid Hologram” is not a soft song, however, it does hint at the band taking a newer direction as the tempo is rather slow, creating a much darker atmosphere. Perhaps this may give some support for various online blogs reporting that Stephen Carpenter isn’t overly thrilled at the album’s new direction.

”Doomed User” pulls heavy riffs and drum fills continued from “Acid Hologram” but jumps into near Guns N’ Roses and 90’s hard rock guitar riffs. This really does sound quite different and certainly an added element on a Deftones’ album. I wouldn’t say this is bad necessarily as they have been adding and removing elements from their sound since Adrenaline (1995).

“Geometric Headress” is quite loud and reminiscent of their self-titled album. ”Hearts/Wires” is one that I really enjoyed listening to for the first time especially. There is an introduction, approximately 80 seconds long, that honestly feels like a live concert. What I’m aiming at is the very arbitrary, almost jam-like, work between Stephen Carpenter and Sergio Vega, the bassist who replaced the now-late Chi Cheng following a tragedy in 2008. In the introduction, Carpenter and Vega play off one another very well creating an ocean of very light guitar and bass sounds that lead up to the song itself. Vocalist Chino Moreno sings its melodies in the fluid style that only Moreno seems to pull off.

At this time at least, I’m don’t know what ”Pittura Infamante” means as it slips on into the sixth tracklisting spot. However, it does have a very cool buildup from drummer Abe Cunningham.

Overall, though there are always arguably fans that dislike change, I think Gore, in my eyes at least, will grow to be one of my favorite Deftones albums. There are so many new elements introduced such as slowing the tempo, changing riff styles, as well as Moreno’s vocals carrying more melodically than the harsh metal screech he is also known for. Even if you’re not a Deftones or are new to them, I would recommend this one for anyone looking for something different.


(Current Members)

  • Chino Moreno – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
  • Abe Cunningham – Drums/Percussion
  • Stephen Carpenter – Guitar
  • Sergio Vega – Bass


(Courtesy of Deftones’ YouTube channel)


“Doomed User”


“Phantom Bride” (featuring Jerry Cantrell)

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Chino Moreno
Chino Moreno

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