Conjure One releases Holoscenic

Conjure One's new album, Holoscenic


Conjure One – Holoscenic

Rhys Fulber drifted from industrial-electronic Front Line Assembly to forge his way into his own solo work under Conjure One. Since his self titled debut in 2002, Fulber has carved an interestingly signature on his music by integrating his talent for sonic atmospheres greatly displayed in Front Line Assembly with guest vocalists. Examples of these are Poe (see “Angry Johnny”) singing on several tracks on the first two albums as well as Sinead O’Conner and others. This is certainly influenced from Fulber’s work with his former bandmate, Bill Leeb, on the ongoing Delerium project which notably featured Sarah Mclachlan singing “Silence”.

Holoscenic is Conjure One’s fourth installment, following 2010’s Exilarch. Its predecessor took the projects music to much deeper atmospheres with rich rhythmic and harmonic textures. Holoscenic is anything but a step backward from this integrity. The album’s opener, Kill The Fear, features Hannah Ray on vocals. Being a longtime listener of Front Line Assembly, it’s hard to not notice the song features some of the most “FLA”-like backing music which resembles electronic programming found on FLA’s Civilization album when Fulber briefly returned in 2004. The chorus of “Kill The Fear” is sung flawlessly in emotion which matches the rich melodic layers.

“Miscreant” follows as a very dark but soothing instrumental of piano folded with subtle electronic percussion. “Under The Gun” follows as another standout song sung by singer songwriter Leigh Nash. A favorite texture of mine that appears in this song is the contrast of having the verses sung lower and softer while the chorus pulls up and is sung louder and in a higher pitch.

Other very notable songs are “Still Holding On”, “Only Sky”, and so on. Of course, this is not to say that there are any weak points in the album. It’s fair to say that I may be slightly bias by being a fan of Conjure One as well as Front Line Assembly and Delerium. However, I think we’re all a little bias when it comes to musical taste and that’s likely how it should be. If you’re a fan of Conjure One already or seek deep musical textures, softness, and cathartic songs that sound great, I would very strongly recommend this album.


  • Kill The Fear (Featuring Hannah Ray)
  • Miscreant
  • Under The Gun (Featuring Leigh Nash)
  • All That You Leave Behind
  • Only Sky (Featuring Christian Burns)
  • Serac
  • Still Holding On (Featuring Aruna)
  • Ghost (Featuring Kristy Thirsk
  • The Garden
  • Brave For Me (Featuring Jeza)
  • Oceanic (Featuring Mimi Page)


Official Video: Under The Gun


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