Concert Revisited: The Dreaming

Band: The Dreaming

Date/Location: The Nestor Tavern, Fargo ND / December 10th, 2011

Being the first of two shows that The Dreaming (from Los Angeles, CA) had played due to a timing error that cut their set extremely short due to noise ordinances. Unhappy with the outcome, they returned less than six months later and played an extended set. That show, also at The Nestor, I don’t have any photos of because I wanted to fully enjoy it.

Though this is an introductory post to get this blog some content so I can style it appropriately, a bit of background on The Dreaming. It’s fronted by Christopher Hall, former singer of the very successful 90s band Stabbing Westward. After the demise of Stabbing Westward, he formed The Dreaming who has since become his “baby” so to speak. Following his posts and statements, the demise of Stabbing Westward was largely due to a combination of the combination of the record company trying to overtake the band’s musical direction as well as their going dangerously into debt. Accepting responsibility for their naivety and not wanting to repeat mistakes, Hall has been extremely careful with The Dreaming. Since it’s conception over 10 years ago, they have only now joined an independent label, Metropolis Records. After completing two albums almost completely on their own, traveling the nation in a van, they’re now set to release a third album titled Rise Again in February 2015. This album marks the return and reunion of the core of Stabbing Westward’s songwriting as Walter Flankus has joined Hall once again. The pre-released single, “Alone”, sounds like a beautiful and balanced merging between Stabbing Westward and The Dreaming.

The band, no longer featuring Martin Kelly (bassist, featured in the photos) to pursue a tattoo artist career among other things. He parted with Hall and The Dreaming under very good circumstances. However, The Dreaming has consistently transformed in lineup since it began. This isn’t to look upon the situation as negative however as they’ve been very open that often members are “filling in” until the band literally gets situated and comfortable. Hall has kept the interpersonal relationships within the band very family-friend-oriented. I don’t think I’ve ever read him speaking anything but love for even the parted members. Again, many were only temporary and had other obligations. Another constant member is drummer Johnny Haro, whose roots with Hall go back all the way to Stabbing Westward when he had filled in for Andy Kubiszewski in 2002.

Again, this is an introductory post to give the blog some content. Also being added are some photos, some of which are my sister and I meeting Christopher Hall and Martin Kelly who were extremely polite and kind.

Please visit The Dreaming at their Official Website (or)

at their Artist page on Metropolis Records: The Dreaming

You can now pre-order The Dreaming’s upcoming “Rise Again” on Amazon (out February 10th, 2015)

At the time of this concert, The Dreaming:
Christopher Hall – Vocals
Nick Quijano – Guitar
Martin Kelly – Bass
Johnny Haro – Drums
Rich Jazmin – Guitar

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