Cause & Effect [Short]

Cause & Effect

(pre-“Artificial Construct: Part III”, coming this summer: Cause and Effect

Cause & Effect Official
Cause & Effect

I had been introduced to Cause & Effect early in my life, 1990 I believe, with their original version/hit “You Think You Know Her” off their self-titled album. Very shortly after, the duo (Robert Rowe, Sean Rowley) were signed and the album (alternative versions, rearranged order) was released as Another Minute in 1991. Tragically, while on that tour, Sean Rowley suffered a severe asthma attack and passed away. I think it’s inspiring that Robert Rowe found dedication and tribute, I’m sure, to continue Cause & Effect. They continued to create and demonstrate fantastic songwriting abilities despite not being on any major label since. “It’s Over Now”, “Shakespeare’s Garden” (nearly crystal clear in memory of Rowley), “Stay”, etc have continued after that tragedy and shows growth and maturity.

Artificial Construct: Part I contains the extremely soothing, modern electronic “Happy?” is a song I could drift of to while closing my eyes and almost picture souring over the oceans. They have always had an amazing talent for atmosphere. Part III is due out this summer and you can find more information, including inexpensive downloads of all of their releases (including the original Cause & Effect self-titled album) at their official site. Below is “Sleep” from Artificial Construct: Part I.

Similar Artists: Depeche Mode, New Order, David Gahan, Vaults, Erasure.

-Brian Wardwell

Cause & Effect: “Sleep”

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