Motionless In White’s Graveyard Shift A Must Have For Nearly Any Metal Fan

  Motionless In White: Graveyard Shift Artist: Motionless In White Album: Graveyard Shift Released: May 5th, 2017   Grab it/Check it out on   The fourth studio album from Scranton, PA metallers Motionless In White takes you by storm from the opening onward until the end. Opening track only leads you in intro for […]

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Sully Erna’s Hometown Life

Sully Erna’s powerful sophomore album, Hometown Life Sully Erna, also of Godsmack, proudly expressed his love for many types of music when he released his debut solo album, Avalon in 2010. Songs ranging from world music with tribal beats using bongos and djembes to piano and guitar ballads. Erna, who is very multi-instrumental, took on […]

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Sonic Memory

Sonic Memory Written by Brian Wardwell A memory can be frozen in time. For some, it may be the diner down the street or a photograph of a building torn down and demolished many years ago. For others, myself it can be the way a loved one reassures us in the same way that they […]

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Heavy Music, Stress Release

For me: Heavy Music means Stress Management “Whoever said metal music makes everyone angry obviously can’t see the smile on my face” The above quote is actually verbatim of something I said to a friend recently. I would like to start by placing emphasis on two important things. For the sake of this blog entry, […]

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Movies Without Music?

Viewpoints Movies Without Music? Food Without Taste? In my earliest days that I can remember, my father was already helping me see the power and energy that was captured in music. He was a fan of many types of music and a very crucial influence behind developing my perception of music, even at the ages […]

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