Things To Come

Update: I apologize for running behind with many things on MusicBytes that should have been done by now. That not only includes many reviews and features I still plan on working on, but also the revamping of the MusicBytes design itself. It has remained nearly unchanged since the site was founded in January 2014. I […]

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Upcoming Changes (Updated 9/22/16)

MusicBytes: Upcoming Changes Date: 09/22/2016 Update: I originally posted, about a month ago, that I’m working on updating the look of Musicbytes. My first plan of action was to start trying to get the elements, such as the side menu, to work in more harmony with one another. Since my conception of Musicbytes in January […]

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Review Suggestions?

Review Suggestions? I am testing an idea of taking suggestions to review any album that is commented below. This will allow me to go beyond my natural scope of music and dig deep into something I’m not as familiar with, which I think will highly benefit the integrity of this music blog. Any genres are […]

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MUSICBYTES An entertainment website for all genres of music. Original Conception: July 2014, First stages of actual Development: September 2014 “Version 1.0” uploaded onto the net: January 2015 Last Updated: December 16th, 2015 Hello, my name is Brian Wardwell and I am double majoring in Web Development & Computer Programming. MUSICBYTES is something I conceived […]

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