Sully Erna’s Hometown Life

Sully Erna’s powerful sophomore album, Hometown Life Sully Erna, also of Godsmack, proudly expressed his love for many types of music when he released his debut solo album, Avalon in 2010. Songs ranging from world music with tribal beats using bongos and djembes to piano and guitar ballads. Erna, who is very multi-instrumental, took on […]

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Album Review: Kidneythieves: The Mend

KIDNEYTHIEVES The Mend Red Sleeve Music Released: September 13th, 2016   A little background first I happily stumbled upon Kidneythieves around 2002 when “ZeroSpace” ended up in my years. I don’t remember the source that it came from (example: radio, running through “related artists” song samples, etc), but it instantly grabbed my ear and demanded […]

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Deftones – Gore

On April 8th, 2016, Deftones‘ unleashed their 8th studio album since forming in (1988) titled Gore. The pre-released track “Prayers/Triangles” opens up the album. Stephen Carpenter‘s signature melodic, delayed sound opens it up. As it sways from soft to brutal, it strongly reminds me of the arguably experimental White Pony (2000). ”Acid Hologram” is not […]

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Conjure One releases Holoscenic

Holoscenic (2015) Conjure One – Holoscenic Rhys Fulber drifted from industrial-electronic Front Line Assembly to forge his way into his own solo work under Conjure One. Since his self titled debut in 2002, Fulber has carved an interestingly signature on his music by integrating his talent for sonic atmospheres greatly displayed in Front Line Assembly […]

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New Order – Music Complete (2015)

New Order – Music Complete (Released September 25th, 2015) I owe it to this review to separate one relative fact immediately. This album not including iconic bassist, Peter Hook, is taken from an objective standpoint. Hook’s bass style is unique, highly respected, and let’s just say you can tell a difference in this album. However, […]

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Echoes of Creation – Evolve (2013)

Artist: Echoes of Creation Album: Evolve Release: July 27th, 2013 Echoes of Creation: Seth Herron – Vocals Jacob Burton – Guitars Chris Daugherty – Guitars Devin Humphries – Guitars Tim McPherson – Bass Austin Cooley – Drums Echoes of Creation arises from Jasper, Alabama. To my knowledge, many may not think of Alabama as a […]

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Album Review: Björk – Volta

Björk is certainly an artist, singer, or even her personal self in general that, those who know her often love or become annoyed quickly. However, usually those who are doing something different and have a highly unique style in whatever industry they may be in, tend to be abrasive to at least some people. Granted, […]

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Depeche Mode “Delta Machine”

Depeche Mode Delta Machine (2013) Mute Records/Columbia In 2013, Depeche Mode released their thirteenth studio album over the space of thirty-three years. Produced by Ben Hillier, Delta Machine flags some return of an older DM sound. Surely, the presence of (frequent teammate/producer) Flood sneaking around them working on the mixing for the album. Flood, of […]

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The Dreaming Rise Again

The Dreaming: Rise Again OUT NOW on CD, Digital Download, and Limited Edition Vinyl The Dreaming Rise Again Metropolis Records Released: February 10th, 2015 The Dreaming seemed to be quite vocal about the upcoming music through their Facebook page further in advance to the release date than I remember. Although, given the past, it’s not […]

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