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Brian Wardwell
Brian Wardwell, 2014

About Myself:

My name is Brian Wardwell and I am currently a student at Minnesota State Community and Technical College nearly complete with my Web Development AAS (one FT semester + 6 elective credits). I also have a second major in Computer Programming and have completed 24 credits in that so far, including what overlaps from my Web Development AAS. I’m loving the learning and am often poking around with something even though it’s not required for a class. Though MUSICBYTES was in my head long before, it ended up as my project for my Content Management Systems (using WordPress) course, naturally. Now, I’m continuing to work on it as a non-profit project to gain more experience in it and have something to show for it. It will continue to go through changes and evolution especially when it comes to adding SEO (Search Engine Optimization), added functionality, a co-author, and so fourth. I will add a “Newest/Coming Updates” page to keep you in the loop.

As for myself, I ‘m 35 years old and currently living in Fargo, ND. I am hoping to relocate to the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area depending on some pretty common college student financial drama. I was born and raised here and though I lived in Pelican Rapids, MN for a very short time, it’s all I’ve known and I want to expand my cultural exposure. When I was seven years old my dad started driving me back and fourth to choir practice every Tuesday and Thursday night after I was accepted into the Red River Boy Choir following an audition. That year, 1986 I believe, their Tour Choir traveled to New York City to perform at Carnegie Hall. I’ll never forget how I was only a year from missing that trip as I was in the Concert Choir. Although, these days I’m quite shy enough as it is without being a naive mid-western seven year old kid walking around New York City. I was in “RRBC” for seven years when I finally had to leave when I was fourteen years old and my voice was cracking in a very non-cool manner. However, I was able to have opportunities and memories such as singing the national anthem for a Minnesota Twins game, which allowed me to meet Hall of Fame-r Harmon Killebrew (inducted in 1984) which made my father humorously jealous since he was a major Twins fan, brought me down to a big trip to South Dakota to sing at Mount Rushmore, and also a very long trip out to Corvallis, Oregon.

Most of all, the RRBC drove deeper the musical exposure my dad had given myself, as well as both my sister, when I was very young and continued until his unfortunate death in 2009. Following the choir, I picked up a guitar and also started teaching myself keyboards. By 1996, I was writing my own material and recorded an acoustic audio tape in 1997. I recorded my first full length album, featuring vocals/guitars/keyboards in 1999 titled “Odyssey” under the project name Battle Cry. I continued to record my own music under the Battle Cry name for many years until 2012 when I decided it was time to move on. I recorded five full length albums, two EPs, and three cover albums. Currently, I’m still working on trying to develop a new musical project titled Newline Character (a little geeky programming reference).

Despite growing up in Fargo, ND I have been to quite a few concerts. My first being White Zombie (The Toadies and Supersuckers opening) in December of 1995. I lost my shoe and it was great. Pantera (with Biohazard and Neurosis) was second in 1996. All in all, I believe the list is in the 30s (concerts, not bands) by now. I will work on compiling a database, easiest way to do it, as I remember them all now that I don’t have all the ticket stubs. Some of the actual bands that I’ve seen are (in no order):

  1. White Zombie
  2. Pantera (3x)
  3. Tool
  4. Tomahawk
  5. Machine Head (4x)
  6. Lacuna Coil (3x)
  7. The Dreaming (2x)
  8. Gravity Kills
  9. Depeche Mode
  10. Godsmack (2x)
  11. Volbeat
  12. Five Finger Death Punch
  13. Flaw
  14. GodForbid
  15. Poe
  16. Trampled By Turtles
  17. Pearl Jam
  18. Soulfly (3x)
  19. Fear Factory (2x)
  20. Coal Chamber (2x)
  21. Devildriver
  22. Whitechapel
  23. Marilyn Manson
  24. Ministry
  25. A Perfect Circle
  26. Deftones (RIP Chi!)
  27. Slayer
  28. Static X (RIP Wayne)
  29. Opeth
  30. In Flames
  31. Drain STH
  32. Biohazard
  33. Disturbed (2x)
  34. Korn
  35. The list goes on and on, will compile fully soon

I am pretty shy, but have been able to still meet a couple of bands and have to say that the three that have been the coolest, though all were, … Lacuna Coil, Biohazard and especially The Dreaming.

Currently, I have a Schecter Damien guitar, Epiphone acoustic guitar, and a Dean bass. I also have a Korg Triton LE workstation/synthesizer as well as a Roland Juno-GI synthesizer. I enjoy my Korg PX4D guitar processor as well.

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