Album Review: Björk – Volta

Björk is certainly an artist, singer, or even her personal self in general that, those who know her often love or become annoyed quickly. However, usually those who are doing something different and have a highly unique style in whatever industry they may be in, tend to be abrasive to at least some people. Granted, […]

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Upcoming For MusicBytes (July 2015)

Upcoming for MusicBytes (From Nintensified’s mind at least) Update on myself and balancing MusicBytes This summer semester ends my Web Development AAS degree. The options are still open as far as my advancing education further. I’m currently enrolled in a Computer Programming AAS program, but may switch to a Web Application Programming certificate to allow […]

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Stroll Through the Daisys

  “…But when we played the rough, four track demos for Trent to ask his opinion, he seemed primarily concerned with the fact Scott didn’t play guitar on it. ‘Listen,’ I explained, ‘we don’t even know if we can work with this guy.  He doesn’t understand the direction we’re going in at all.’  ‘He’s the […]

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