Movies Without Music?

Viewpoints Movies Without Music? Food Without Taste? In my earliest days that I can remember, my father was already helping me see the power and energy that was captured in music. He was a fan of many types of music and a very crucial influence behind developing my perception of music, even at the ages […]

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Featured Artist: The Dreaming

I don’t really thinking the previous post (“Concert Revisited: The Dreaming”) did justice even though at the time of writing it, I was simply getting an entry posted to get Musicbytes posted…..So, this brings us to Featured Artist: The Dreaming My younger sister and I, being adoring fans, were like most and were saddened by […]

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MUSICBYTES An entertainment website for all genres of music. Original Conception: July 2014, First stages of actual Development: September 2014 “Version 1.0” uploaded onto the net: January 2015 Last Updated: December 16th, 2015 Hello, my name is Brian Wardwell and I am double majoring in Web Development & Computer Programming. MUSICBYTES is something I conceived […]

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Concert Revisited: The Dreaming

Band: The Dreaming Date/Location: The Nestor Tavern, Fargo ND / December 10th, 2011 Being the first of two shows that The Dreaming (from Los Angeles, CA) had played due to a timing error that cut their set extremely short due to noise ordinances. Unhappy with the outcome, they returned less than six months later and […]

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